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About Us

A truth that exists in the beauty industry is the foundation of True Company in California, USA. That truth?

Teeth whitening products over the past decades do not work. As a company we continually strive to provide our clients with the highest quality teeth whitening therapies and customer service through an effective combination of the elements of innovation, technology and science

It is that simple. True Company’s CEO, Angelo DeSimone realized that if he was to use his energy, his know how and his time to develop innovative, scientifically proven teeth whitening therapies that worked he had to make sure his promises to his clients were true.

That’s how True Company was born, and that’s why these revolutionary cutting edge technology for teeth whitening at affordable price. Now, DeSimone’s dream has become the reality that is trusted by women as well as men everywhere, and sonic and light therapy for teeth whitening has come into its own. Innovation is the watchword for True Company product development, and the results are nothing short of phenomenal!

The concept behind True Company’s products is fairly simple. Our teeth-whitening products attack stains and yellowing discoloration with powerful hydrogen peroxide gel formulas that are safe and dental grade quality. Our miraculous advanced anti aging cream formulas include retinol, recommended most often by dermatologists for fighting the effects of aging, plus other superior ingredients such as hexapeptide-11, panthenol, green tea extracts and a blend of other organics that work to restore, rejuvenate and rebuild skin, leaving it healthy and younger looking. Add the elements of LED light therapy to these superior anti aging and whitening formulas, and the combination is simply miraculous!

Whiter Teeth, Million Dollar Smiles

True Company’s teeth whitening products have captured the public’s respect, especially the many who have noticed improving shades of white even after only one treatment, with better and better results after each subsequent use. The dental grade whitening gels and foams that are part of True Company’s impressive gallery of teeth whitening products can stand alone as powerful tools for achieving and maintaining a brilliant white smile. However, when the whiteners are boosted by the use of scientifically developed silicone toothbrushes, sonic toothbrush designs or activated by the LED blue light therapy, the effect is simply dazzling. True Company’s line of teeth whitening sets has turned the industry on its head, offering our clients a wide assortment of choices for keeping their smiles bright and youthful looking. Much less costly than dental clinic whitening treatments, the teeth whitening sets from True Company are simple to use, convenient and, best of all, consistently deliver whiter teeth, adding an extra boost to any anti aging cosmetic regimen.

True Company’s dental collection of teeth whitening products offers no less than 13 teeth whitening kits that range from Brite Brush Sonic toothbrush sets to the Advance Plus array of blue light dental bundles for whitening teeth on the go or for multiple users. The amazing sonic toothbrush sets come with as many as 14 brush heads and include self-sanitizing features to ensure a fresh, clean mouth and bright smile all day long. The Mirai toothbrush is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease in maintaining the highest level of dental care. This collection of teeth whitening bundles is made to order to those who have made maintaining a bright smile top priority.