True Company, founded in California, USA, addresses a key truth in the dental industry: traditional teeth whitening products have not been effective. Our mission is to provide the highest quality teeth whitening therapies through a blend of innovation, technology, and science.

CEO Angelo DeSimone dedicated his expertise to developing scientifically proven teeth whitening solutions that truly work. This commitment led to the creation of True Company, offering revolutionary and affordable teeth whitening technology. DeSimone's vision has earned the trust of both women and men, with cutting-edge light therapy for teeth whitening.

True Company’s products target stains and discoloration using powerful, safe, dental-grade formulas. Our teeth whitening products have gained public respect, showing noticeable improvements even after one treatment. Enhanced by LED blue light therapy, the results are dazzling.

True Company offers a wide range of teeth whitening kits, toothbrushes including Advance Plus blue light dental bundles. Our collection ensures maintaining a bright smile is convenient, effective, and affordable, turning the teeth whitening industry on its head.