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“The True Company Products is my daily beauty routines!

When it comes to daily routines, I find that the morning and evening beauty routines are important. Like many women, I like to try to keep my complexion soft and clean, and like many I have a variety of tools and products that I use. Aside from the products and tools that I already had in my line up, I have found that I am always open to trying new products, so when I was tried the Mirai Face with the Mirai Cleanser from True Company, I was excited to try them out and add them to my daily beauty routines.


“I instantly saw a difference after 1 treatment!

Who doesn’t want celebrity white teeth? Us moms rely too much on the caffeine of coffee and soda to be in the bright white brigade without spending a fortune! In honesty it’s not even the money its being able to attend the appointments to have my teeth professionally whitened! I loved the true white advanced plus 3 system. It worked wonders for me and I instantly saw a difference after 1 treatment!


“A superior products!

When the Mirai Toothbrush arrived, it was presented in a high quality box, with all the hallmarks of being a superior product. The instructions were very straightforward, and told me all I needed to know about my new gadget. There are various levels of vibration, allowing for personal preference, all providing a gentle, but effective massage motion. The appliance is made entirely of silicone and is very comfortable to hold. The silicone promotes good hygiene by fighting the build up of bacteria and promoting a much more sanitary experience. The high-intensity pulsation is far removed from the usual heavy-duty vibration from a cheaper device, that can be overpowering and lead to an uncomfortable ringing in the ears. It is surprisingly powerful though and might be worth starting on a lower setting to begin with, if you are not used to it.



When my brite brush toothbrush t arrived I couldn’t wait to open it and get it out and see what it looked liked From just looking at it you wouldn’t know it was a toothbrush, maybe a pop our blusher brush, but that’s what I love about it is hidden away, kept clean and hygenic in a case of its own. It is great to just pop in my handbag, it fits perfectly in my smallest bag and being able to just carry it around and use it whenever I need.


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