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truewhite Mouth Trays

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Having trouble finding a comfortable, pain-free tray that fits your set of teeth? In that case, try our universal thermo fitting, silicone safe Mouth trays! Designed for use with any of our famous whitening systems and whitening pens!


Great! So How Does It Work? 

Step 1. Boil some water in a small pot

Step 2. Grab the trays from the tabs at the end and stick it in the water for 6 seconds 

Step 3. Take the trays out and stick them into your mouth 

Step 4. Hold the trays inside your mouth  for 30 seconds 

Step 5. Put the trays in cold water so that they can harden 

That’s it!

Not bad, huh?   


Still confused? In that case, check out the video down below for more information on how to use it (along with our selfie smile whitening kit)! No worries, we won't tell. :) 

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