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trueclear Deluxe Anti Aging Set


True Company’s revolutionary pairing of premium anti-aging formulas with the innovative use of ultrasonic light as part of the trueclear Deluxe Premium Anti-Aging Set is nothing short of beauty genius. This awesome gift set includes everything you need for younger looking skin, relaxing facial therapies and elimination of troubling skin issues. trueclear Advanced Correction Day Cream protects and hydrates your skin as a superior make up base throughout the day, and creamy, luxurious Age Repair Night Cream ensures you get your beauty sleep as it works to activate the healing power of your own skin cells to clear the effects of aging, energize and renew your skin. After a relaxing, therapeutic ultraviolet light treatment that will renew and rejuvenate skin cells at all levels of the dermis, your skin will drink in the retinol based formulas that include natural elements of green tea extracts and hexapeptide-11, along with retinol. When it comes to under eye areas, trulyclear Undereye Cream eliminates fine lines, shrinks puffiness, erases blemishes and brightens dark areas for smooth, toned skin that highlights your beautiful eyes.
• A fantastic, all in one, beauty set that combines the power of technology with the next generation of skin care science • Toned, firm, younger looking skin can be yours in a matter of days • This amazing gift set includes everything you need for healthy, beautiful skin • True Company anti-aging innovation that is scientifically proven has revolutionized the beauty industry • Astonishing results with round the clock anti-aging therapies that work!

True Company's trueclear Deluxe Premium Anti-Aging Set has an advanced skin care technology paired with scientifically proven facial therapies. It provides four innovative, extraordinary skin care treatments in one fantastic gift set. The revolutionary trueclear 2 ultrasonic light therapy leaves your skin beaming. Lastly, it has a 24 hour therapy for your beauty regimen which includes day time, night time as well as under eye therapy for younger looking skin